Mr. Gold is an experienced, seasoned professional investigative and forensic
photographer with thirty six years of continuous service in the legal field. Mr. Gold is currently
retained daily and almost exclusively by private attorneys statewide. Clients previously seeking
Mr. Gold’s expertise include criminal defense and personal injury attorneys, insurance
companies, private businesses and public utility corporate entities.

As a young man Mr. Gold trained and deployed as a police officer, and thereafter, for
more than three decades operated as a self-employed private investigator dedicated to evidentiary
documentation, both as a licensed investigator and a skilled forensic photographer. Mr. Gold
has testified in court proceedings on numerous occasions relating to his assignments.

Lou’s understands and respects the right and duty to defend and protect, which emanates
from the targeting and brutalization of his family in an armed home invasion in 1966 involving
robbery, gunfire and the beating unconscious of his grandmother. Eight years later, Mr. Gold
was sworn in as a police officer. In light of his personal, educational and professional
experiences, Mr. Gold has developed a deep appreciation for responsible and necessary selfdefense.

Lou is an integral part of our team and will work diligently at the direction of defense