What is the difference between Proactive Self Defense LLC and its competitors?

We are a pre-paid legal service, not an insurance policy. There are no insurance claim forms to submit where you will wait possibly in jail for the claim to be accepted or denied.

What sort of firearms are covered?

All firearms that were purchased legally and were legal at the time of purchase are all covered.

What are the risks of not having legal protection?

You could be arrested for murder or assault and bankrupted by defense costs. You are at risk of losing your job, home, savings and all of your personal property. Without a legal defense you could lose everything.

Will my home owner’s policy cover me?

No. Most policies specify that injury or damage intentionally caused by the insured is excluded.

Can I cancel my policy at any time?

Yes. Monthly membership will be prorated thirty (30) days and annual memberships will be prorated six (6) months.

What happens if my bond is over the covered amount?

Attorney Goodman will diligently work with the bail commissioner and request a bail hearing to attempt to get the bail reduced. Proactive Self Defense LLC will also work with the bail bond agencies within the law to get you released ASAP.

What happens if I do not have a pistol permit, eligibility certificate, or a long gun certificate but I have a legal firearm or an inherited legal firearm, will I be covered?

Yes. As long as the firearm was legally purchased (in state or out of state) or legally inherited/gifted.

What happens if I require assistance from Proactive Self Defense LLC?

Immediately call the emergency telephone number. You will tell local law enforcement that you are represented by Attorney Goodman and that you do not wish to give a statement until you speak to Attorney Goodman.

Are my immediate family members covered if they use the weapon in a self-defense situation?

Only if you purchased the plan in which that is available.

What happens if I am sued civilly?

You will be covered and not have to pay out of pocket expenses for an Attorney as long as you have purchased that plan that covers civil actions.

Will I have to pay any out of pocket expenses for a criminal attorney, forensic photographer, private investigator, crime scene expert witness or bondsman?

No. There are no hidden fees, deductibles, or any other costs. No caps. No time limits if the criminal proceedings are prolonged.