Explanation of Member Benefits

This page describes what services you can expect as a member of ProActive SelfDefense, LLC. ProActive’s mission is to insure that its members fully comprehend the legal ramifications of using deadly force in a self-defense situation; moreover, ProActive’s primary goal is to provide its members with experienced legal representation, including access to forensic experts, private investigators and a bail bondsman immediately after a self-defense situation arises within the limitations as described below. These services are available to its members anywhere within Connecticut.


Benefits accrue from the time a member’s payment is received along with the membership application, for a one year period. ProActive’s services do not include incidents that transpired either before or after the membership period.

Legal Representation

Legal services are provided by Mark L. Goodman, a partner in the firm of McNamara & Goodman, LLP, 142 Temple Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510. Attorney Goodman can be reached at (203) 782-9241. After business hours he can be reached by cellphone, which will be provided to members after their application and payment have been received and processed.

Use of Services

In the event a member becomes involved in a self-defense situation, you should immediately call Attorney Goodman. You should not make any admissible statements to any police authority until that call is made.

Limitation of Services:

1. Member’s gun must be legally owned in the State of Connecticut and legal at thetime of purchase;

2. The firearm must be used in a bona-fide self-defense situation, and not in the conduct of a criminal act;

3. If the self-defense situation occurs outside of the member’s home, then the member must have a valid, current Connecticut carry permit;

4. Services are expressly inapplicable involving family violence situations with any family member;

5. Pro Active does not support or encourage assault, manslaughter or murder or any use of deadly force without legal justification. Services will be provided only in instances where deadly force is employed in self-defense and is the member’s only option;

6. ProActive Self-Defense, LLC is not an insurance plan.

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