ProActive’s mission is to insure that its members fully comprehend the legal ramifications of using deadly force in a self-defense situation; moreover, ProActive’s primary goal is to provide its members with experienced legal representation, including access to forensic experts, private investigators and a bail bondsman immediately after a self-defense situation arises within the limitations as described on the benefits page. These services are available to its members anywhere within Connecticut.

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Proactive Self Defense, LLC is a service directed toward legal gun owners in the State of Connecticut; its primary purpose is to provide with legal gun owner with peace of mind when they use a firearm in a self-defense situation, when there will be at the least a police investigation and more probably an arrest. In those instances, members of Proactive Self Defense, LLC will have immediate access to an experienced criminal defense attorney, and experts including a private investigator with a background in crime scene investigations, a private detective specializing in forensic photography, and a firearm expert. The member will know the names and background of the attorney and the affiliated experts. The service will be priced in tiers, depending on what level of service the member chooses.

The average legal permit holder in Connecticut is a hard working middle class individual, generally supporting a family. In the likely event that an individual is arrested as a result of using a firearm in a genuine self-defense situation, the costs of retaining an attorney and related experts is exorbitant, possibly as much as $50,000 to $100,000. It would be extremely difficult for the average gun owner to raise such funds, particularly if he or she is sitting in jail trying to make bail. These costs add an enormous strain on an already stressful situation. The gun owner could be forced to obtain a second mortgage, drain the proceeds of a 401k, completely deplete a college fund or savings account, or filing for bankruptcy. The services provided by Proactive Self Defense provides the member with peace of mind and prevents him or her from financial ruin.

Depending on the tier of services the member choses, he or she would have the immediate support of the above mentioned experts. There will also be a reserve fund of$5,000 if additional experts are needed to aid in the member’s defense. There are no additional fees or costs. The member will simply pay his or her fee, either on a monthly or yearly basis, and then be afforded the level of service purchased, depending on tier level.

Members are not required to fill out claim forms or other bothersome documents while sitting in a jail cell waiting for legal assistance, which is required by some national services. One call to Proactive Self Defense, LLC, and your constitutional rights will be protected immediately.